WVPA Mentorship Program

The WVPA Student Mentorship Program empowers and cultivates the next generation of pharmacy professionals by bridging the gap between experienced pharmacists and aspiring students. It offers mentorship sessions, group discussions, workshops, and networking events to emphasize leadership development and career planning. This program is dedicated to preparing future leaders of the pharmacy industry.

Are you in one of these areas of pharmacy practice? Do you aspire to be in one of these areas of practice? Are you lacking fulfillment in your current position or unsure how to get to another position?  

Pharmacy Consultant

West Virginia Pharmacists Association is excited to announce the first cohort of our mentorship program, where collaboration, growth, and knowledge transfer come together to create a dynamic learning experience for both mentors and mentees. Our program is designed to foster professional development, enhance skills, and build meaningful connections within our community.

Objective: The primary goal of our Mentorship Program is to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between experienced professionals (mentors) and those seeking guidance and support in their personal and career development (mentees). Through this program, we aim to create a culture of continuous learning and mentorship that empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

How it Works: Participants in the Mentorship Program will be carefully matched based on their goals, interests, and expertise. This personalized pairing ensures that both mentors and mentees can engage in meaningful, relevant, and goal-oriented interactions throughout the program’s duration.

Program Features:
– Regular check-ins and progress assessments
– Structured guidance and resources for both mentors and mentees
– Networking events and workshops to enhance the mentorship experience
– Flexibility to accommodate diverse schedules and preferences

Requirements: must be a WVPA member to participate – become a member or renew membership here.

Timeline: This first cohort will be assigned in early Fall 2024 and complete the facilitated program in Spring 2025
Mentorship offers numerous benefits for both mentors and mentees. 

For Mentees:
1. Skill Development: Mentees gain valuable insights and guidance, accelerating their skill development.
2. Networking: Mentees can tap into their mentor’s network, expanding their own professional connections.
3. Career Guidance: Mentors provide career advice, helping mentees navigate challenges and make informed decisions.
4. Confidence Boost: Positive feedback and encouragement from mentors boost mentees’ confidence and self-esteem.
5. Goal Achievement: Mentees are more likely to achieve their goals with personalized guidance and support.

For Mentors:
1. Personal Growth: Mentoring enhances mentors’ leadership and communication skills, contributing to their personal development.
2. Fresh Perspectives: Mentors gain new insights and perspectives from mentees, fostering creativity and innovation.
3. Legacy and Impact: Mentors contribute to the development of the next generation, leaving a lasting impact on the industry or field.
4. Networking: Mentors expand their professional network by connecting with mentees and their contacts.
5. Job Satisfaction: Helping others succeed and witnessing mentees’ growth provides a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for mentors.

At the conclusion of the facilitated mentorship program, participants will receive:
Discounts on membershipDiscounts on annual meeting registration
Opportunities within the organization for further leadership and professional development
WVPA Mentorship Program SWAG items

We invite you to embark on this enriching journey of mentorship, fostering connections that transcend professional boundaries and contribute to the collective growth of our WVPA community and the community of pharmacy in West Virginia and in our workplaces. Together, let’s build a supportive and empowering environment that propels individuals towards their aspirations and success.