WVPA Student Poster Workshop

The academic year is now in full swing, and we want to see the works-in-progress of our student poster presentations! This display at Annual Meeting November 4-6th at University of Charleston will help students prepare for APhA Midyear Meeting and for full presentation at an upcoming WVPA Winter/Spring Meeting (TBD). Get feedback from experts in a comfortable environment to bring your poster project to the next level!

To minimize costs, digital posters will be allowed for presentation using a laptop/tablet along with 8 1/2″ x 11″ copies of poster sections.

What is a Poster Presentation?
WVPA student poster presentations provide the presenter with an opportunity to share
their research with other students and attendees through visual aids and a brief verbal
explanation of their content. Student presenters are able to answer questions about
their research and receive timely feedback on their posters.
Student Poster Submission- The deadline for poster submission is 10/15/22.

  • You must either currently be a student or your study was conducted while you
    were a student.
  • Types of Poster Submissions:
    o Case Report: Authors may select case report submission type to describe
    an unusual patient-specific case that was not part of a study but the
    findings are of interest to healthcare professionals. Case reports will not
    have a purpose, methods, results, or conclusion in the abstract.
    o Evaluative Study Report: Authors may select evaluative study
    submission type for reporting on their original research, including clinical
    research studies, drug-use evaluations, and evaluations of pharmacy
    services. Evaluative study reports must contain a purpose, methods,
    results, and conclusion. In addition, the abstract must include scientific
    results and/or data to support the conclusions. When applicable, the
    abstract must indicate that the clinical research was approved by the
    appropriate ethics committee or institutional review board (IRB), and if
    appropriate, informed consent was obtained for all subjects. If IRB
    approval was deemed not necessary, there should be a statement that
    approval was not required.
    o Descriptive Report: Authors may select descriptive report submission
    type if describing a project, service, or program that would not be
    considered a research study. Descriptive reports must contain a purpose,
    methods, results, and conclusion.
  • Poster title:
    o Be sure your title accurately and concisely reflects the abstract content.
    Titles should not include proprietary (brand) names of medications or
    devices and should use capital letters only for acronyms or proper nouns.
    Please do NOT use A, An, or The as the first word of the title.
  • Authors:
    o The Primary author of each submission should be a student, or of work
    that was completed while the primary author was a student. Up to 6 authors are allowed per submission. Authors 2-6 may be non-student persons such as preceptors, faculty, or project mentors.
  • Financial Disclosure:
    o All presentations must contain a financial disclosure statement: If no
    funding was involved, and no authors have a potential conflict of interest,
    that should be reflected in the statement.

Abstract Submission:
All submitted abstract must:
 Contain Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusions (as applicable to
submission type)
 NOT contain the statement “details/results will be discussed”. Abstracts with
this statement will not be accepted.
 Be supported by scientific merit. Methodology is consistent with sound research
design; study designed in a manner likely to answer the research questions;
research questions aligned with proposed data collection and conclusion.
 Exhibit a balanced presentation. Abstracts must be non-promotional in nature
and free of commercial bias. Abstracts written in a manner that promotes a
company, service or product will not be accepted.
 Abstracts should be 600 words or less, not including the title.
 No tables or graphs should be included in the abstract
 Spell out all acronyms
 Abstracts in outline form will be rejected.
 At least one author of each submission should be registered for the conference
and available to present in the designated time slot.
 Withdraws / Cancelations should notify a WVPA representative as soon as