WVPA Pharmacy Technician of the Year

Presented by WVPA, the Pharmacy Technician Award recognizes pharmacy technicians in any practice setting who have made major contributions to the expanding role of the pharmacy technician, the profession of pharmacy, and the Association through excellence in the performance of technician duties and a dedication to service and compassion in the care of patients.  This recipient likely shows outstanding support of their coworkers and a dedication to professional development.

The award is based on the following criteria:

  • The recipient must be an active technician member of the Association, in good standing, and licensed to practice as a pharmacy technician in West Virginia. The recipient must also have 5+ years working as a pharmacy technician.
  • The recipient cannot currently be enrolled in a school of pharmacy.
  • The recipient has worked for advancement of the practice of pharmacy in West Virginia.
  • The recipient has demonstrated leadership among his/her peers.
  • The recipient has participated in Association activities at the state and/or local level.
  • The recipient should be nationally certified and be practicing at full scope based on state and federal regulations. Examples of this practice should be reflected in the application.
  • The recipient must demonstrate excellence in performance of pharmacy technician duties and dedicated service and commitment to excellence overall.
  • Nominations can be submitted by any WVPA member in good standing.
  • Recipient must not be a previous recipient of the award in the last ten years.
2022Kathy Walker