High blood pressure education

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major contributor to heart disease and stroke, two leading causes of death in the United States.   High blood pressure affects one third of U. S. adults, or approximately 75 million persons, yet approximately 11 million of these persons are not aware they have [Read more...]

Opioid bills pass House of Representatives

A package of bills that passed the House of Representatives in mid-May serve to primarily set up a new federal task force to update best practices for pain management and establish a program at the Department of Justice to fund substance abuse programs in the states. House lawmakers are set to [Read more...]

Insights on PBM practices

A New Orleans TV station dove into the murky practices of PBMs and clearly demonstrated how patients are being ripped off, PBM pockets being lined, and pharmacists muzzled.  WVUE FOX 8 News reporter Lee Lurik found that the nation's largest insurance carrier, United HealthCare, makes customers pay a [Read more...]

Opioid prescriptions drop

For each of the past three years, opioid prescriptions have declined in the United States, the first sustained drop since OxyContin hit the market in 1996.  (New York Times May 21, 2016)