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Episode 2: Nalox(ONE) West Virginia: An Opioid Stewardship Program

Recorded 6/8/22

Host: Matt Rafa

Guests: Drs. Susan Bissett, President WV Drug Intervention Institute, Dr. Gretchen Garofoli,  Associate Professor with the WVU School of Pharmacy and Dr. Thomas Menighan, American Pharmacists Association CEO Emeritus and WVU School of Pharmacy Assistant Dean for Community Engagement

About Nalox(ONE) West Virginia

Purpose: The purpose of the project is to educate West Virginians about the dangers of opioids in the home and prevent overdose deaths.

Reach: The Nalox(ONE) Program will reach over 10,000 patients with opioid prescriptions in one year’s time in more than six at-risk WV counties in 20+ independent pharmacies (identified by Fruth Pharmacy, PursueCareRx, and the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network West Virginia).

Training: Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at these locations will undergo an online, asynchronous training designed by North Dakota State University School of Pharmacy (adapted and branded for the Nalox(ONE) WV project). Continuing Education Units (CEU) along with a small stipend will be provided upon completion of this training.

Opioid Screening, Naloxone, and Medication Disposal: Pharmacists will utilize a clinical opioid screening tool using DocStation to determine if naloxone should be dispensed with the opioid prescription along with counseling. Pharmacy technicians will conduct follow-up calls.

Additional Components:

  • Students and faculty from the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy will assist in supporting this work as “academic detailers”
  • With the support of Murphy Media, LLC, the WV DII will produce and disseminate a joint public education campaign (media) targeted in the areas of pilot stores
  • DisposeRx® medication disposal packets will be dispensed with each opioid fill at participating pharmacies
  • Program evaluation will be conducted by WV DII, NDSU SOP, and DocStation.