Be Heard!

WVPA. WVIPA, and WVSHP are asking you to TAKE ACTION in support of House Bill 2263 one last time, which makes important updates/improvements to the Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act. 

Here are the key points:

  • House Bill 2263 will have a positive impact on locally-owned pharmacies and patients!  Patient and pharmacy choice are protected.  Jobs and businesses will be saved.  PBMs and insurance companies will no longer tell patients where they can and cannot fill their prescriptions.
  • House Bill 2263 establishes WV as a national leader in drug transparency and patient protection!  Drug rebates should be shared with consumers at the point of sale to reduce cost sharing and prevent premium increases in future years NOT kept by health plans and PBMs.  Also, PEIA must be transparent with their drug program, which is PEIA’s #1 spending item.
  • Current practices of PBMs and health plans interfere with delivering affordable, necessary patient care and prescription drugs. The bill ends some of these practices.  WV pharmacies must be reimbursed fairly and not below cost at a financial loss.  The reimbursement methodologies (NADAC + $10.49 dispensing fee) are used by WV Medicaid and many other transparent health plans / PBMs.
  • Patients cannot be required or unfairly pressured to use a specific pharmacy or a mail order pharmacy.  Patients can still elect to use a mail order pharmacy if they wish.

HB 2263 has passed both the House and the Senate and is awaiting Governor Justice’s signature! Please e-mail Gov. Justice and let him know how much this legislation benefits ALL West Virginians!

The link to directly contact his office is provided below. We have included a sample letter below as well. Copy the template letter, click the “Contact Governor Jim Justice” button, and paste into the text box to leave him a message reminding him how important this piece of legislation is to West Virginians

Template letter:

I am writing to ask for you to show your support by signing into law HB 2263, which updates the regulation of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in West Virginia. This VERY significant bill will positively impact patients AND pharmacies across West Virginia, by introducing key provisions to protect patient freedom of choice in pharmacies. HB 2263 will prevent PBMs from charging patients higher copayments for choosing their own pharmacy AND ensures pharmacies in West Virginia will stay in business by ensuring minimum reimbursement rates that match those paid to mail order pharmacies and other pharmacies the PBM may own. With additional reporting requirements to ensure transparency, HB 2263 will be a MAJOR step forward for patients and their pharmacies. Your signing of HB 2263 will significantly help in giving many West Virginia patients back the ABILITY TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN PHARMACY, and will ensure those patients AND pharmacies are no longer victims of PBMs’ abusive practices. Thank you for your work, and your continued support of patients and their pharmacies in West Virginia!