Vertical Integration: What’s your opinion?

Vertical integration is a business model that is becoming more and more frequent.  There is currently nothing that can be done to stop it, since companies routinely merge to remain competitive in the current market.  Even if the end result is a much larger company, there is still nothing that can be [Read more...]

Highlights of 111th Annual Convention

Craig Kimble, President, will preside over WVPA's 111th Annual Convention, August 17 and 18, at the Marriott Hotel in Charleston.  He has served office for the past two years.   Ken Reed, the current Vice President will be installed President for two years, during installation services the evening [Read more...]

Lawmakers probing opioid manufacturers

A U.S. House of Representatives committee investigating the opioid crisis is asking three pharmaceutical manufacturers to answer questions and provide documents about their internal practices, including when they learned prescription opioids could be addictive and how they have marketed the [Read more...]