Stay informed of pharmacy laws and your practice: be a member of WVPA

West Virginia Pharmacists Association has published complete texts of most of the bills passed by the 2019 Legislature that impact pharmacists and the practice of pharmacy in our State. The bills are being mailed WVPA members. Additional texts of bills will be mailed prior to their becoming law.

Some of the bills published include: (1) Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act; (2) Conversion of Prescriptions Authorizing Refills; (3) Opioid Reduction Act Revised; (5) Pharmacists to Dispense Tobacco Cessation Therapy; (6) Registration of Pharmacy Technicians; (7) Patients To Receive Generic Savings; and (8) Regulating Prior Authorizations.

To obtain copies of the bills and stay informed of pharmacy laws and issues throughout the year that are important to your pharmacy and practice, join WVPA as a member. The newsletter is mailed monthly in effort to keep pharmacists informed.

The annual membership fee is $175. Make your check payable to West Virginia Pharmacists Association and mail to 2016 1/2 Kanawha Blvd., East, Charleston, WV 25311. Tel: 304-344-5302.