WVPA mailing members legislation passed by lawmakers

Lawmakers concluded the 2019 Legislature March 9, passing 139 House Bills and 155 Senate Bills. A total of 1,823 bills were introduced during the session. Executive Director Richard Stevens represented pharmacy among the 134 lawmakers during the 60-day session.

Legislation of interest permits pharmacists to dispense tobacco cessation therapy. Effective June 4, the new law permits a licensed pharmacist to initiate and dispense a noncontrolled prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, or other professional service to a patient who is 18 years old or older, pursuant to a standing prescription order.

The Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health shall prescribe on a statewide basis a tobacco cessation therapy by one or more standing orders permitting pharmacists to initiate the dispensing of the medications. The bill calls for pharmacists to receive training for the service.

Legislation was also passed revising the Opioid Reduction Act. The new law becomes effective June 7. Of special interest to pharmacists, the revised Act does not permit the Board of Pharmacy to discipline a pharmacist if he or she fills a prescription in violation of the provisions of the revised law.

WVPA is mailing a copy of the two above bills to members April 4.