Pharmacists to dispense tobacco cessation therapy in new law

According to House Bill 2525 passed by the 2019 West Virginia Legislature, a pharmacist may initiate and dispense a noncontrolled prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, or other professional service to a patient who is 18 years old or older pursuant to a standing prescription drug order, without any other prescription drug order, from a person licensed to prescribed a tobacco cessation therapy.

The Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health shall prescribe on a statewide basis a tobacco cessation therapy by one or more standing orders permitting pharmacists to provide the service.

The Board of Pharmacy is to approve a training program or programs in order for pharmacists to be eligible to participate in the utilization of the standing prescription drug order for tobacco cessation therapy by a pharmacist.

Supported by the West Virginia Pharmacists Association, the new law is to be effective June 6.