Boards’ fees to be reviewed

House Bill 2510 was introduced January 18 in the WV Legislature, requiring the Legislative Auditor to conduct review of the fee structure of the Board of Pharmacy, as well as other licensing boards, when its special fund exceeds twice its annual budget or $10,000, whichever is greater.

It also requires the Legislative Auditor to report to the Joint Standing Committee of Government Organization.

Within a reasonable time after the State Treasurer notifies the Legislative Auditor of a transfer, the Legislative Auditor shall conduct a review of the fee structure of the board to determine if the amount of the board’s fees generate excessive revenue, when compared to the board’s normal expenses.

If the Legislative Auditor finds that excess revenue is generated, he or she shall report his or her findings to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Government Organization, along with recommendations on how the fee can be adjusted to generate only the amount the board reasonably needs to operate.

House Bill 2510 was referred to the House of Delegates Government Organization Committee for consideration.