Mark Garofoli to receive Generation Rx Champion’s Award

In recognition demonstrating specific efforts to prevent drug abuse and diversion, pharmacist Mark Paul Garofol, PharmD, MBA, BCGP, CPE, will be presented the Generation Rx Champion’s Award at WVPA’s Annual Convention, August 18, at the Charleston Marriott. The Award is sponsored by Cardinal Health.

Mark is recognized for his work within the fields of pain management, substance-use disorder (i.e. addiction), and drug diversion.   Focusing on these fields for the past three years, he has ultimately become known as an expert and certified pain educator (CPE).

One of the most notable accomplishments is his development and coordination of a panel of pain management experts from throughout the State, which lead to the development of the pain management guidelines for the State.  The resulting West Virginia Safe & Effective Management of Pain (SEMP) Guidelines have been reviewed and utilized across the state, nation, and globe via multiple dissemination routes.

Mark was a leading force of the development of the Opioid Medication Therapy Management Program.  Through this program, he initially led a Medication Therapy Management Program which conducted one-on-one telephone conversations with West Virginia residents involving their respective entire medication list, but with particular attention focused on pain management medications.

He spoke to patients over the telephone to review their medications, conducted risk assessments for opioid abuse, and discussed the risk with each and every patient.  He empowered the patients he spoke with to take the necessary steps and precautions related to controlled substances.   Eventually, the OMTM Program transitioned into focusing on the prescribing of pain management medications by becoming the Safe and Effective Management of Pain Program (SEMP).

At the recommendation of the CDC, Mark revamped the program to reach out to prescribers regarding recommended medication adjustments.  Through both of these outreach initiatives, he made numerous meaningful interventions on a daily basis to better the lives of West Virginians.

Dr. Garofoli recently transitioned to the Director of Experiential Education at the WVU School of Pharmacy, while also creating a clinical pharmacy practice site at the WVU Medicine Integrative Pain Center.  Being the first clinical pharmacist at the interprofessional pain center, he is paving the road for the creation of future fulltime pharmacist positions within the pain center.   He will also continue to teach student pharmacists on pain management, drug diversion, and illicit substances and will have a far-reaching impact as the student pharmacists go to schools across West Virginia to educate school-aged students about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Finally, Mark has become a reputable speaker in the fields not only at the state level, but nationally.  He has conducted CE presentations on drug diversion to multiple health care providers.   Dr. Garofoli has been requested to become a CDC national grant reviewer, while also becoming a three-time PAIN Week presenter (the field’s leading international conference.)