President Trump calls for changes in drug pricing

Speaking just outside the White House Oval Office today, President Donald Trump presented descriptions of his recommended changes in prescription drug pricing, a promise he made during his campaign.

“This is the most sweeping action in history by lowering the price of prescription drugs to the people,” he said.  “There will be more competition among manufacturers and lower prices at the pharmacy counter.   The middlemen will not be rich anymore,” he said, adding, “The drug lobby is making a fortune … more than tobacco and oil companies are making combined.”

Trump went on to say, “Pharmacy benefit managers are contributing to the problem.  Their rebates will be out.  Government has also contributed to the problems with the previous administration turning a blind eye to the problem.”

“Our plan calls for tools for Medicare Part D to negotiate better prices, and we will not award companies who increase prices without reason,” said Trump.  “We will band the ‘gag rule’ which prohibits pharmacists from disclosing prices.  Everyone should know what price they are paying for drugs.”

U. S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, spoke following the President and answered reporters questions during the press interview.  “This is a blue print for action.  It will take time to change the system in our economy.   There are 50 action plans to consider, some of which require enactment by congress,” said Azar.