Briefs of interests to pharmacists

Representatives Doug Collins (R-GA) and Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) introduced H.R. 5958, the Phair Pricing Act of 2018, to lower the cost of prescription medications for patients in the Medicare Part D program.   The bill will require all pharmacy DIR fees, including quality payments made to a [Read more...]

Update On Provider Status Efforts

According to a message from CEO of APhA Tom Menhigan, efforts by the organization and pharmacists around the country have helped gain recognition for patient access to pharmacist-provided services among members of Congress. Two-hundred seventy-two (272) members of the House of Representatives and [Read more...]

Pharmacists can assist seniors with drug cost

Many seniors face financial issues with increasing costs of medications.   But pharmacists can provide a valuable service to the elderly by referring them to Extra Help, a low-income subsidy program that assists seniors with low incomes.   Currently around 10 million people are receiving this [Read more...]