Insurer announces rebates to be paid insured members

Last week UnitedHealthcare announced plans to pass a portion of the value of its manufacturer drug rebates to its fully insured members and offer options for a solution for self-funded clients beginning January 1, 2019 and on plan renewal thereafter.

This means people enrolled in fully insured group health benefit plans will have discounts applied to their medication cost at the point of sale.  The savings will apply to plan participants who are filling a prescription for a drug where the manufacturer provides a rebate.

UnitedHealthcare will apply these discounts upfront, at the time of sale, to ensure people are paying the lowest amount possible under their plan.  All rebate dollars that are not shared with members at the point of sale will continue to be used to keep premiums lower for all members.

Officials of the giant insurer say they made the decision to implement Point of Sale Discounts as part of a broader enterprise effort to lead the industry in simplifying pharmacy benefits, expanding transparency, lowering drug costs for members and improving the member experience.