Licensing of professions addressed in proposed law

The House of Delegates Government Organization Committee approved two bills today of interest to pharmacists.   If approved by the full House next week, the bills will be sent to the Senate for consideration.

House Bill 4497 exempts spouses of active military personnel from Board of Pharmacy and other boards’ licensing fees.  The bill reads: “The spouse of a person who is mobilized for military duty in the Armed Forces of the United States by the President of the United States is exempt from fees associated with occupational or professional licensing or certification, including, but not limited to, application and renewal fees. ”

The purpose of House Bill 4597 approved by the Committee is to provide that the procedure to determine if a occupation or profession should be regulated in West Virginia is prohibited if the occupation or profession is regulated in fewer than 25 other states.  The bill also provides that a license of an occupation or profession regulated in West Virginia should expire if the occupation or professional is fewer than 25 other states.   The statute providing the procedure for regulation or occupations and professions is referred to as a “Sunrise” statute.   This bill was approved with 11 Delegates voting “Yea” while nine voted “Nay.”

In an another close voice vote, House Bill 4011 was approved by the Government Organization Committee requiring agencies, including the Board of Pharmacy, when submitting a new rule or changes to an existing rule, to also identify two existing rules that could be repealed.

The fourth bill approved by the Committee today, House Bill 4334, calls for the Board of Pharmacy and other licensing boards who seek to increase fees or seek to impose a new fee to also submit cost saving measures undertaken or proposed to be undertaken.