Pharmacy Bills Advanced by House Committee

The WV House of Delegates Committee on Health and Human Resources approved House Bill 4026 late yesterday exempting pharmacy cashiers from b  eing licensed.  The new language added to Chapter 30, Article 5, Section 29, reads: “A person who handles a prescription drug only during the point of sale to provide the prescription drug to a patient and accept payment is not subject to the licensure requirements of this Article.  This handling process includes the cashier having access to the pharmacy’s operating system to verify unique information for each patient.   A pharmacy may require an individual to complete a criminal background check before he or she is hired.”  The bill is sent to the Government Organization Committee for consideration.

The Committee also approved House Bill 4025, amending Chapter 30, Article 5, Section 11, permitting the Board of Pharmacy to register a pharmacy technician who has obtained a national certification as a pharmacy technician and practiced in another jurisdiction for a period of time as determined by the Board.