CVS Health CEO on Aetna Deal

Discussing his company’s acquisition of Aetna, CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo said he wants to reinvent his stores as health care hubs, providing more consistent care to people with chronic conditions.

“Imagine a world where that patient can walk into a CVS pharmacist, also engage with a nutritionist about their diet.  They can talk to a nurse practitioner, perhaps have their blood glucose level checked, and talk to their pharmacist about medication,” said Merlo.

Acquiring Aetna would help CVS be more competitive.  “You think about the capabilities that Aetna has in terms of its ability to utilize information, and you combine that with the convenience and the human touch of CVS, and it gives us the opportunity to be more productive in terms of how we engage patients, and you’ll help them achieve the best health possible for them,” Merlo explained.

Going forward, Merlo said they will be testing and piloting several alternatives that may include having physicians on site.