WVPA membership classifications available:

    Active Member: Pharmacists who is a graduate of an accredited college/school of pharmacy and licensed by the WV Board of Pharmacy.

    Retired Pharmacist Member: Pharmacists who practices less than 10 hours per week and is committed to the principles and objectives of WVPA.

    Student Member: An individual enrolled as a student in an accredited college/school of pharmacy.

    Pharmacy Technician Member: An individual other than a pharmacist who serves as a technician under the supervision of a pharmacist.

The following Sections of Academy of Pharmacy Practice are available.

    Community Practice: Owners or managers of community or other outpatient pharmacy.

    Employee Practice: Pharmacists practicing in community or other outpatient pharmacy.

    Institutional Practice: Pharmacists practicing in hospital or other inpatient facility.


Visit the WVPA Documents page to download an application.